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With over 100,000 publishers and serving over 2 billion impressions, the eCPM metric model finds the best rate for your traffic quality. We have combined the different ad format models into one to help maximize your revenue more effectively. YesAdvertising automated system searches for the information stored in our database, whether it’s a click or view, and delivers ads that return the highest profit potential. Unlike keyword advertising, our network tracks down every activity that occur based on your statistics and automatically generate ads that is best suited for your website.

YesAdvertising Publisher Features Overview

Potent Mix of CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI, CPA Ads – With YesAdvetising’s technology, publishers can make money by showing all relevant CPC, CPM and CPA ads from our 10,000+ active advertisers and maximizing eCPMs.

Ads for All Verticals – covers hundreds of categories like Automotive, Business, Health, Money/Finance, Real Estate, Travel and lots more.

Real-Time eCPM Adjustment – CAP acts on data insights, customizing user experience and making adjustments in real – time so that new insights can be applied quickly to subsequent campaigns.

Multi-lingual Ads – CAP optimizes campaign performance based on more than 100 different factors including ad spending data, vertical data, ad matrix, campaign goal and other variables.