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Decoding The Concept Of Digital Advertising

Decoding the Concept of Digital Advertising

The world of digital marketing is a popular one that keeps organizations and companies going as it provides a unique platform to communicate with their customers. Upon identifying these customers, the organization goes ahead to advertise using the right form of methods. That is where digital advertising comes into the picture and takes shape to produce the results that you have always wanted. But how does it do it? Well, to understand that, we need to explore the concept and go ahead to make it all count.


In simple terms, digital advertising tends to use mediums such as social media, search engines, email, and other related platforms to showcase advertisements and broad messages to audiences. Since this establishes a format of communication, brands tend to push forward ads that are interesting and stand to create a form of appeal. While all these advertisements are not going to click, the right ones do the trick and manage to bring in clients.

With all this in the mix, people were initially wondering about the introduction of digital advertising and where it all began. If you’re wondering the same, then October 27th, 1994, is a date that you should never forget because it is when the first banner ads appeared on Thanks to that, the advertising industry was struck by the emergence of digital advertising and went ahead to enter the realms of the same.

Different Formats

When the industry began understanding digital advertising, they went ahead to make the most of the same. Since technology was also added to the mix, digital advertising brought in different formats, and we are going to talk about the most popular ones.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When you Google a particular topic, you are bound to receive results with the tag “ads” on top of the Search Engine Results Page. (SERP). These results tend to come in thanks to the advancement of search engine marketing and how it takes shape to keep it all going. Moreover, SEM also includes several other aspects like Pay Per Click (PPC), which is chosen based on the kind of results that an organization needs.

Social Media Ads

2. Social Media Ads

Since we are all active on social media, you don’t really require an introduction to social media advertisements. When you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, you will come across sponsored ads that highlight products or services from a particular company. This is the basis of social media advertising, and brands do so after evaluating their target audience.


Apart from SEM and social media ads, there are other formats like native advertising, display ads, etc. Studying them in detail will surely help you understand more about this field and how it takes shape to meet a company’s goals and objectives.

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